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The Bio Charger NG is a health optimization platform designed to transmit energy that stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance.

This technology represents more than 25 years of research, development, and validation that builds upon more than 80 years of documented research by internationally acclaimed scientists and early energy healing pioneers such as Nikola TeslaGeorges Lakhovsky, and Royal Rife.  It is the world’s first software-based, solid state, mobile & cloud compatible, high voltage, multi-frequency, resonant transformer (modified Tesla coil) that wirelessly and simultaneously transmits pulsed waves of electromagnetic, electrodynamic, and photonic energy. The BioCharger NG embodies a revolutionary technology when compared to the antiquated analog technology of existing Rife machines, multi-wave oscillators, and various light therapies. The result is a precisely controlled radiant energy field that wirelessly delivers the energy to revitalize and restore balance to the body.

The BioCharger NG brings forth a convergence of legacy and cutting edge technologies. Unlike traditional subtle-energy machines that degrade or require tuning over time, the BioCharger NG will actually improve and increase capabilities over time. (e.g., sound therapy- built in audio modulation hardware that will allow for streaming of music via the internet and will convert to frequencies to produce subtle-energy music, which will be emitted through the corona discharge. Available in an upcoming software release.)

  • Cutting edge hardware and software integration enables the subtle energies to be measured, controlled, modulated and transmitted with unprecedented precision, safety, ease of use, repeatability, versatility, and effectiveness.
  • Offers the versatility of running standard, easy to use, user-defined, or community inspired programs called “recipes” to control duration frequencies, duty cycles, wave forms, sweep functions, and ranges. Can be accessed via smart device, laptop, or built-in touchscreen LCD.
  • Provides a safe and consistent means of generating a dual-purpose corona discharge. (Studies indicate that in addition to air ionization, the high voltage discharge can wirelessly stimulate revitalization.)
  • Designed to leverage cloud- and mobile-based technologies and software for continued enhancements, downloading recipes, analytics, reporting, and social networking with others that use the system to inspire future developments.
  • More to come:  Audio modulation hardware has been integrated into the BioCharger NG platform and our software development team is currently testing a new capability that allows streaming of audio/music that will enhance frequencies.
Operational Specifications Benefits
Subtle Energies ProvidedElectromagnetic, Electro dynamic, PhotonicSimultaneous transmission of three unique subtle energies
Software DesignYes, completely software based and controlledSafe, easy & precise- operate from built in LCD, smart device, or laptop, access above site data center for updates, recipes, and configuration
Programmable Sequences (Recipes*)Six Recipes standard w/ access to library of downloadable recipes for various therapiesThe recipe library is constantly expanded to produce unique output waveforms that are managed in the cloud and downloaded to the Biocharger NG on-demand
Display Yes, built in 4” TFT LCD Display; 480 x 272 resolutionProvides for standalone operation displays, users, progress, settings, recipes and prompts for updates
Frequency Spectrum7 hertz-1 Gigahertz and beyond to visible lightBroadest frequency range of any revitalization platform
Frequency Range – Pulsed ModulationWe modulate 217kHz carrier with frequencies ranging from 5Hz to 50kHZSoftware generated pulse width modulated signal, provides precision control of pulsed frequencies, producing various harmonics changes as the pulsed frequency changes, producing more harmonics over time in the sweep mode
Magnetic Field Strength RangeWireless transmission of controlled EMF
Carrier Wave217 kHzA lower carrier frequency results in lower harmonics and frequencies
Voltage Input120V AC 60Hz, 240V AC 50HzOnly a single standard 110V AC outlet required for use
CurrentThe input current to the unit is 15A, and the primary current is 600A, peakMore energy in the output, which translates into higher voltage and more harmonics
Gas Plasma Tubes (Visible Light Component)Simultaneously energizes up to 12 tubes, each w/ unique inert and noble gasesEnergized via pulsed EMF at specific frequencies used for light therapy (non-thermal) and when the light is pulsed, it changes the way in which the light is received by the body
Torroidal DesignYes, polished aluminum toroidBalances electrostatic energy fields to concentrate corona discharge to arc rod. The Tesla coil construction and toroid are important elements in determining resonance and output efficiency of the device
Variable Corona DischargeAdjustable polished steel arc rod
The corona discharge allows for more voltage to be transmitted wirelessly. The adjustable polished rod will vary the corona discharge without reducing the voltage transmitted
Voltage Output RangeSoftware & digitally controlled voltage range of 0-600,000 voltsSafe and precise variable voltage control provides wider range of recipe configurations
Audio Modulation HardwareYes, future software release will convert streaming/optical input of digital music and/or sounds to frequency, harmonics and electrostatic energy produced music/soundsSound & music can be streamed in, and used to generate the pulsed harmonics formed by electrostatic energy discharge. The resulting frequencies created can be beneficial to health and wellness
Data & Connectivity
PortEthernet RJ-45 and USB port standardEthernet and USB WiFi: USB WiFi can be setup to connect to local home network (limited range) or as an access point for setup and configuration, typically either local WiFi or ethernet (preferred) is used
WiFi CapabilityWiFi enabled and configurableCreates its own WiFi access point and/or connects to existing Wifi for connectivity to myCloud, currently supporting WPA authenticated access points
Secure Data Center Access“myCloud” is a secure “above site” data center for BioCharger customers/users via InternetUnprecedented cloud based solution for software updates, recipe management and download, configuration and user usage data
Security and User AccessMulti-level security and authenticationmyCloud is an SSL secured web site with back-end and BioCharger service secret key HMAC authentication for data/configuration changing requests, and for BioCharger usage, it is assumed that BioCharger is on secure network for access via web browser connected to same local network
BioCharger NG Platform28″ H x 18″ W x 24″ DSafe, lightweight, modular design
Total WeightApproximately 68 lbs.Moveable without disassembly
Base Only10″ H x 18.5″ W x 24″ DAccess main components for easy service exchange
Top Section Only18″ H x 14″ Diameter
Provides shielding without distorting light from plasma tubes
Enclosure MaterialsHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE) V rated plasticNon-flammable
Progress or Status when in operationGraphical recipe/phase progress indicator displayed on LCD and/or smart deviceAll connected devices show status and progress of device
Indicator or Warning LightsLEDs indicating proper function of various sub-systemsAll connected devices show status and progress of device; indicator icons that automatically displays on LCD
Motion based power shut downBuilt in safety “tip-over switch”Shuts off power in the event of accidental or sudden movement
Emergency Power Shut-offRed push button to disconnect power; easily resetVisible & accessible “STOP” button w/ ON/OFF switch positions, emergency button is ‘push to shut off’ and ‘twist to restore’
Manufacturer LocationSan Marcos, TX, USAFully automated systems and manufacturing facility to ensure quality, consistency, precision and scalability; a single source for sub-system manufacturing, product assembly, testing, documentation, configuration, packing, and shipping
Product CertificationUL approved components and materialsAs required
Manufacturing CertificationISO 9001, RoHS compliant, focus on sustainability and recyclingEnsures the highest safety and quality standards are maintained
Warranty and Serviceability
Design CharacteristicsModular software and solid state hardware platformIntelligent design to simplify field service and software updates
Warranty Period1 Year – Includes parts, software, updates and technical supportWith an internet connection, remote diagnostics can identify and correct most software related issues, and pinpoint any potential hardware issues
Field Installation and ServiceField technicians are available through our national service network (USA and Canada only)Although the BioCharger NG is easy to set up and connect to your Wifi, there are times when it is beneficial to have a trained technician on site
Reliability & PerformanceEach unit is registered, tested, configured at factory w/ final QC performed prior to shippingNo recalibration or tuning required. Software updates are downloaded; enabling continuous improvements and eliminating obsolescence